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How to Structure an effective Mobile App Development Team

app development team

It is critical to determine the actual design of the team before you begin employing pros. You must first determine what kind of professionals are required to finish the job and how many are sufficient.

A Business Strategist, Designer, Developer, Quality Assurance Specialists, and Sales & Marketing Expert make up an excellent mobile app development team. Let’s look at their responsibilities and roles in more detail.

1). Strategist for business

A Business Strategist, also known as a Visionary or Project Manager, is a person who leads a team with the vision of a perfect mobile app. A project manager or head is responsible for completing the project on time and within budget.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure that the finished app meets the needs of the customer.
  • Ascertain the app’s consistency.
  • Ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Required abilities:

  • A technical background is required.
  • Should have a strong feeling of obligation.
  • In-depth understanding of the corporate world.
  • Capable of human resource management.

2). App Developer

The UI/UX Designer is the next significant professional you’ll need on your app development team. A Designer’s primary responsibility is to create basic wireframes and deal with documentation, as the name indicates.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  • Work on the mobile app’s design and feel.
  • Make a hybrid app platform that can stand alone.
  • This person writes design apps.

Skills Required: 

  • Problem-solving abilities are required.
  • It is necessary to be inventive.
  • Capable of comprehending the client’s requirements.
  • Programming languages are well-understood.

3). App Designer

An App Developer produces the app by analyzing the layouts and putting them into a working program. They mainly collaborate with IT specialists to develop app specs.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  • Determine the essential elements of the program.
  • Create innovative prototypes.
  • To satisfy the client’s expectations, write high-quality source code.

Required abilities:

  • Working experience with the platform of choice is required.
  • Different programming abilities are second nature to me.
  • Understanding backend web services is required.
  • Experience in cross-platform app development.

4). Backend Programmer

When forming a mobile app development team, a backend developer is yet another critical person you cannot afford to overlook. They are mainly employed to oversee operational logic, server functionality, and cloud storage.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  • Creates a framework as well as a unique app architecture.
  • Works with databases and IDEs.
  • Maintain the data’s safety and security.

Required skills:

  • Working knowledge of many programming languages.
  • Database and cache knowledge is required.

5). Expert in Quality Assurance

As the names indicate, the quality assurance Expert or Designer is the first to examine the mobile app. They mainly assess whether or not the final product is prepared to present to the consumer. A QA Engineer is in charge of evaluating the mobile app and identifying areas for improvement.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  • During app testing, look for problems and defects.
  • Determines the difficulties that a user could have when utilizing the final product.
  • Testing, both automated and human, is the responsibility of this position.

Required abilities:

  • A thinker who is both critical and rational.
  • The job is being handled with great care and attention to detail.
  • The ability to describe every element in great depth.

6). Sales and marketing experts

Last but not least, without a Sales & Marketing professional, the app development team would be incomplete. He is the in-charge of developing an advertisement for a finished product to reach the target audience.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  • Come up with some branding concepts.
  • Market research should be done.
  • To target the audience, use SEO and other marketing strategies.

Required abilities:

  • In-depth understanding of current marketing trends.
  • Ability to make decisions.
  • Product knowledge is important.

Skills Your Team Must Have

Now that you’ve learned about the structure of an app development team, it’s time to learn about the critical team skills that your team members must possess. 

1). Extensive Experience

Experience is the most important thing to consider when forming a mobile app development team. A business should choose experts that have worked in this field for a long time.

There is no doubt that an experienced expert will handle all parts of the job far more effectively. As a result, it is a decisive element in selecting professionals for your application development team.

2). Modern coding language Experience

If experience reigns supreme, then skillset reigns supreme. Because mobile app development company‘s future, it’s essential to have a team of professionals familiar with contemporary coding languages like Java, C, C++, HTML5, Swift, Objective-C, and a few others.

An engineer with a robust skillset can use analytical reasoning and problem-solving to turn the client’s vision into reality. As a result, only skilled people should be added to offshore development teams to provide the required application suited to the customer’s needs.

3). Must be able to work across several platforms

When putting up a mobile app development team, you can’t disregard the capacity to operate across platforms. Whether you wish to launch your software on Android app development, iOS app development, or Windows, it will later transfer to the other two platforms.

As a result, to prevent additional expenditures and efforts, you must employ team members that promote a cross-platform tool.

4). Ability to communicate effectively

Because creating a mobile app requires regular engagement with your customer, all team members should have outstanding written and vocal communication skills.

Let’s face it: when developing an app, each member of the team must be on the same page, which necessitates clear communication. This may appear simple, but it may be incredibly difficult to come by in the computer sector.

5). Data understanding

Last but not least, app development team members must create robust, efficient, and dependable databases. Look, data is the engine that powers the application and is required to build the final product.

A well-defined database will result in a higher-performing application. Thus your team members should have acquired the necessary data skills to utilize this source effortlessly.

Best Ways to Hire a Mobile App Development Team

Now that you’re familiar with the mobile development team structure, the division of app development team responsibilities and duties, and the app development team size right for your project, it’s time to figure out how to hire mobile app development specialists. We’ve identified five different ways to hire experts to work on your app:

In-House Developers:

In-house app developers are professionals that work on your project and are based in your workplace. You may handle the app development process and hire team members on your own if you have an in-house development team.


When you need to employ a single expert with a high degree of skill to complete a one-time work, freelancers come in handy. You may reach out to freelancers directly, and they’ll most likely be able to assist you in saving money. On freelancing networks, you may pick freelancers by looking through their portfolios.

IT professionals:

You can engage a specialized team of remote IT professionals from a third-party service provider. Designers, developers, and QA engineers will be part of this team, led by a project manager. While retaining the third-party service provider employees, they will work on your project and interact with your in-house developers.


Having a third-party development business offer you one or more professionals to supplement your existing team and give essential experience is Outstaffing. These specialists are third-party personnel that work as part of your development team and perform tasks you assign.

Outsourcing Company:

Delegating your entire project implementation from A to Z to an outsourcing company. You entirely leave the execution of your software to a third-party development business, and you relinquish responsibility for the end outcome.


This article covered the most important tips for forming a successful mobile development team. However, in today’s hectic world, it’s often more efficient to use ready-made solutions rather than constructing things from the ground up. Outsourcing to an app development business might be a good idea since you get a close-knit team of IT experts who are ready to go right away without having to waste time and money on laborious headhunting. Contact us if you require an app development team or consultation.

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