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ITCurves Make Sure Building Customer Loyalty by Swiftly Troubleshooting & Resolving Problems

Our exceptional services covering the entire product life cycle on a “round the clock” model. Given this scenario, companies are focusing on improving and innovating their products, and support processes.

How Our Services Benefit Your Business?

Over the years, ITCurves has been enabling its clients to become successful entrepreneurs by bringing digital transformation and innovations in IT domains. We believe on professionalism, expertise & skills to give a more productive outcome. Moreover, providing next generation tech solutions with competitive advantage for your software technology and digital problems.  

We assign your project to exceptionally creative and experienced members of team to provide smooth operations and enhance conversion. 

Our Services

Website Development

Generate new business opportunities

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improve user experience, or solve a complex problem. No matter what your business needs, our expert developers can build a web application that delivers results.


Project Management

We are specialized in Project management 

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we handle large, medium & small in sizes. We can provide Base Project Management as per project needs. We create a collaborative strategy that ensures the long-term success and viability of your final product by streamlining


Out Sourcing

Outsource your daily task to us to accomplish plan

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Outsource your daily task to us to accomplish your company plans for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Here, we practice confidentiality, privacy, and professional ethics.

We offer ground-breaking innovative ideas that enable you to renovate your imagination into reality. Our customer- oriented approach and global recognition make us your preferred partners.

We deliver incomparable services of web development, UI/UX design, project management, and mobile app development through our skilled software development team, operational expertise, thorough understanding, and a state- of-the-art feedback system.

We have a strong belief towards investing in the upsurge of technology to meet global needs. We help initiators, ventures, and digital agencies to establish and extend their businesses.




Zendesk is integrated with Salesforce CRM

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services to create custom functionality between the two user-friendly software’s. Our customers manage database records in Salesforce but they can access it either directly through Zendesk Support or by synchronizing Salesforce contacts and Leads with Zendesk Support systems and Users.

We provide a strategic technology implementation and continuous follow-up plan to build the exponential success rate by Zendesk. Our customers can get the following products and services through Zendesk Support:

  • Identifying and resolving customer’s problems and improving their satisfaction level by filling the communication gap.
  • Managing and getting access to customer’s record database to enhance the effectiveness of their projects.
  • Getting faster resolutions by connecting your Sales and Support teams.
  • More Lead Generation by merging and automating existing leads and using campaigns to grow your leads.


Mobile App Design

We don’t just develop mobile apps 

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we design highly engaging interfaces that are beautiful to look at and thrilling to experience. When we sign on to your app project, we won’t just provide our technical expertise. We’ll create a strategy that ensures the long-term success and viability of your final product. At ITCurves, we’re product builders, not just app developers.

Quality Assurance

ITCurves represent a combo of exceptional

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responsive approach and quality assurance aptitude. We have an unflinching belief in ethical and cooperate management while trust building of our customers, business partners, local communities and shareholders.

As your reliable partners, we offer quick Time-to-market your brand with enhanced quality and cost-friendly software development. Our quality goes above and beyond your satisfaction to achieve the highest software goals with maximum ease. Your satisfaction is our principal priority. We offer 24/7 well-developed customer support and consultancy help.



UI / UX Design

Build a High-Fidelity interface Design

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Build an inspiration board to learn about the visual world and gather inspiration from other products. Develop a design system: A design system is the single source of truth that groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realize, and develop a product.



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